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smartPBX is a low cost, reliable phone system with revolutionary new omni-channel business tools. Imagine the possibilities when a phone call can trigger a chain reaction  of events so you know what, when and how your customer wants to order before they ever tell you.

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 smartPBX is a reliable, low cost VoIP office & mobile phone system which includes:

    Integrations with POS and CRM systems

    Phone / computer screen pop technology

    Display customer history automatically

     Emergency 911 capability (even direct from hotel rooms)

    Customer mapping to target previous customers

    Triggered messaging (email, text, survey) from phones

    Coupon capabilites from phones

    Easily enter new customer data into your system

    Deploy geo-targeted promotions immediately to caller’s area

    Gather new data with easy to use phone surveys

    Visualize all data analytics and reporting

Software Solutions

smartCommunicator…Communication has come full circle

smartCommunicator brings together every method of modern communication into one easy-to-use platform.

From smart Email, Voice, and Text – select your delivery method(s), distribute your message, and turn those messages into actions with the help of over ten high-performance & analytic modules.
With smartCommunicator, you’re not just sending messages… you’re leading the conversation.

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smartPBX combines the power of VoIP Telco technology with the intelligence of a patented data-centric hub to offer a one-stop-shop for all your cross-channel fundraising, phone bank survey campaigns, and general communication needs.

The intelligent data-centric design of smartPBX will help you create, manage, and analyze the kinds of voice campaigns that will have your audience receiving your call when, where, and how they want it….all before they even know it.

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