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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is something you never hope to use – but is invaluable when needed.

Benefit from D.R. services from a Tier III compliant hosting facility with multiple data centers located in both Chattanooga, TN & Phoenix, Arizona – as well as offsite Cloud D.R. deployments to the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud.

Statistics show that of companies that have a major loss of electronic data, 43% never reopen, 51% close within two years, and only 6% will survive long-term.

By all accounts, disaster recovery options are necessary contingencies in today’s data driven world.

Whether your D.R. decision is influenced by governmental or HIPAA regulations or purely for the essential operational requirement of business continuity, Airnet has chosen its geographic location, facility design, and D.R. offerings in order to provide a one-stop-shop for all of your Disaster Recovery needs.

Benefits of Airnet Disaster Recovery:The regions longest-running Tier III compliant Data Center offering the area’s most comprehensive suite of D.R. offerings.

Systems Disaster Recovery

Systems Disaster Recovery is appropriate for organizations that demand the highest levels of uptime from their D.R. strategy.

The benefit of Airnet Systems Disaster Recovery is that it virtually eliminates the existence of down-time traditionally associated with D.R.

In addition, Airnet provides Partitioned and/or Dedicated Systems D.R. environments that allow access to this failover technology for any size budget.

Advantages of Systems D.R. : Affordability, Redundancy. Negligible down-time.

Backup Disaster Recovery

Backup Disaster Recovery is appropriate for organizations that can tolerate minimal amounts of down-time in exchange for a very cost-effective backup service that can reconstitute system data within minutes to hours of an event.

Advantages of Backup D.R. :Affordability & Reliability. System Reconstitution within minutes to hour(s)

Corporate Disaster Recovery

Corporate Disaster Recovery is appropriate for organizations concerned with the integrity of ground-level, day-to-day business operations.

Secured within our Tier III compliant Data Center, Airnet has incorporated two fully provisioned Business Continuity Centers equipped with redundant power, network infrastructure, and business essentials to guarantee operations in the midst of disaster.

Corporate Disaster Recovery offers companies D.R. office space with maximum security & provisioning at a fraction of the cost it would take to build-out failover business centers capable of incorporating roll-over communication & network recovery into one burstable package.

Benefits of Airnet Corporate D.R.: Cost-effective dedicated D.R. space within a Tier III environment.

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