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Airnet System Assessment Tool

Airnet Group is pleased to offer the Airnet System Assessment Tool (ASAT) which can provide real world cost estimates and performance reports of your entire IT Infrastructure down to the server level.

ASAT reports of your IT Infrastructure will include:

Airnet System Assessment Tool

The following is a sample report showing estimated cost (without labor) of an existing datacenter compared to potential deployment in Azure Cloud with optional Airnet managed services included:

Airnet System Assessment Tool report showing estimated costs of an existing datacenter compared with potential deployment in Azure.

ASAT breaks down on-premises estimated costs into seven categories:

Airnet System Assessment Tool On Premises Costs

(Sample Graph:  Hardware cost percentages will vary for each assessment)

In addition to full cost information, the ASAT will also measure and provide detailed system performance data from over 40 different system metrics.

Airnet is a seasoned Microsoft Partner with over twenty years of experience in hosting and managing private, public and hybrid cloud environments serving small businesses to global corporations.

To take advantage of the no charge / no obligation Airnet Systems Assessment Tool offer, please fill out the contact form below. A strict confidentiality commitment from Airnet will accompany each tool.

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Airnet Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Management

Hybrid Cloud Hosting leverages our customer’s preferred datacenter or Airnet’s own datacenter and connectivity to host your physical assets that also need access to your Azure Cloud Environment.

Increasingly, organizations are seeing the benefit of hybrid deployments which balance public cloud & on-premise solutions. Hybrid deployments provide organizations the flexibility to customize which hosted assets are appropriate for the public cloud and those that are better suited for the Azure Cloud. This hybrid approach enables customers to leverage the performance and security of on-prem solutions with the cost-savings and scalability of the Azure Cloud.

_DSC1858 copy

Airnet Hybrid Cloud Deployments Benefit Organizations with:

  •  Security of on-premise private clouds appropriate for intensive data security requirements
  •  High performance of mission-critical and resource intensive applications such as large fast SQL deployments
  •  Reliability of dedicated High Availability environments
  •  Cost effectiveness of a smart hybrid deployment balancing public cloud deployments such as backup storage with mission critical on-premise deployments such as physical SQL server deployments

Azure Optimization

Journey with Confidence.

You’ve successfully moved your IT infrastructure into the Azure Cloud; now let Airnet take the reins and optimize your Azure Cloud to make sure you are leveraging the platform for your maximum benefit.  Monitoring, availability, secure connectivity and more can be managed by Airnet.  Use our managed services to help with:

  • Hybrid Cloud Hosting: leverage your datacenter or Airnet’s datacenter and connectivity to host your physical assets that need access to your Azure Cloud Environment. Move your assets to the Azure Cloud at your own pace.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of your environment with access to our world class technical support team via email, phone, or public helpdesk portal.
  • Patching and Backups: we will keep your machines up to date and data available.
  • SQL Server and Storage on Azure: We deploy and manage all Azure supported Microsoft SQL Server deployments for your enterprise.
  • Windows and Linux Support: Our IaaS managed services cover all Azure supported Windows Servers OS’s as well as Azure supported CentOS (RHEL) and Ubuntu Linux Server deployments.

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Hybrid Hosting


Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is something you never hope to use – but is invaluable when needed.

Benefit from D.R. services from a Tier III compliant hosting facility with multiple data centers located in both Chattanooga, TN & Phoenix, Arizona – as well as offsite Cloud D.R. deployments to the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud.

Statistics show that of companies that have a major loss of electronic data, 43% never reopen, 51% close within two years, and only 6% will survive long-term.

By all accounts, disaster recovery options are necessary contingencies in today’s data driven world.

Whether your D.R. decision is influenced by governmental or HIPAA regulations or purely for the essential operational requirement of business continuity, Airnet has chosen its geographic location, facility design, and D.R. offerings in order to provide a one-stop-shop for all of your Disaster Recovery needs.

Benefits of Airnet Disaster Recovery:The regions longest-running Tier III compliant Data Center offering the area’s most comprehensive suite of D.R. offerings.

Systems Disaster Recovery

Systems Disaster Recovery is appropriate for organizations that demand the highest levels of uptime from their D.R. strategy.

The benefit of Airnet Systems Disaster Recovery is that it virtually eliminates the existence of down-time traditionally associated with D.R.

In addition, Airnet provides Partitioned and/or Dedicated Systems D.R. environments that allow access to this failover technology for any size budget.

Advantages of Systems D.R. : Affordability, Redundancy. Negligible down-time.

Backup Disaster Recovery

Backup Disaster Recovery is appropriate for organizations that can tolerate minimal amounts of down-time in exchange for a very cost-effective backup service that can reconstitute system data within minutes to hours of an event.

Advantages of Backup D.R. :Affordability & Reliability. System Reconstitution within minutes to hour(s)

Corporate Disaster Recovery

Corporate Disaster Recovery is appropriate for organizations concerned with the integrity of ground-level, day-to-day business operations.

Secured within our Tier III compliant Data Center, Airnet has incorporated two fully provisioned Business Continuity Centers equipped with redundant power, network infrastructure, and business essentials to guarantee operations in the midst of disaster.

Corporate Disaster Recovery offers companies D.R. office space with maximum security & provisioning at a fraction of the cost it would take to build-out failover business centers capable of incorporating roll-over communication & network recovery into one burstable package.

Benefits of Airnet Corporate D.R.: Cost-effective dedicated D.R. space within a Tier III environment.

Colocation Services

Unmanaged Hosting (or Colocation) is a form of hosting appropriate for companies that require personal “hands-on” management of their IT resources but don’t have the means or desire to build-out and manage an advanced Data Center facility.

We invite you to take a tour of our “Data bunker” if you have any doubts of the high degree of security present in every aspect of our Tier III compliant hosting facility. With redundant power, environmentals, and connectivity – and security features including triple layered authentication, 24X7 monitoring, and re-enforced concrete walls – you can trust Airnet with your business critical information and equipment every hour of every day.

Our Colocation facilities are located in a building with two power grids from the City of Chattanooga’s electrical provider. We maintain and ensure this level of critical redundancy on every aspect of our facility. A diagram and detailed description including electrical, environmentals, network infrastructure, fire protection, and security and access control can be provided upon request.

Our clients sleep at night knowing that Airnet’s Facilities boast 24 x 7 operational monitoring with constant surveillance & environmental monitoring best-practices.

Airnet Colocation offers: Tier III Compliant Data Center Infrastructure, Traditional  &  Specialty Colo.